Can augmented reality replace television? Mark Zuckerberg thinks so…

During the Facebook’s first-quarter-2017 earnings call this Wednesday, Mark Zuckerberg shared his futuristic vision on the future of augmented reality.

According to the CEO of Facebook, the potential of AR technology may go far beyond what we have today in our hands.

“We’re going get to a point where things like TVs, you no longer need a physical TV. You’ll get a $1 app that you can watch it screen on,” said Zuckerberg, responding to a question by Nomura Instinet analyst Anthony DiClemente.

“It will be an interesting exercise to see how many of the things that we have that are physical things don’t actually need to be physical in that world, and how much innovation that opens up for independent developers all around the world.”

According to Zuckerberg the new augmented reality technologies that will come out in the next 10 years can create ‘a pretty interesting economy.’

“A lot of people don’t have a factory, so they can’t build a TV. But think about how many kids and different developers around the world, kids sitting in dorm rooms and all these different places, are going be able to create things that today they couldn’t. So I hope this is going to create a pretty interesting economy. So a lot of that stuff is pretty far out, five, 10 years. But we want to be pushing this forward.”



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