Revolutionary new glove lets you actually feel virtual reality

What is VRgluv?

Until now, virtual reality has been limited to sight and sound, but with VRgluv, you can add an entirely new dimension to your VR experience, making it much more intuitive, natural, and realistic. The days of awkward in-game controller mechanics are over, removing one of virtual reality’s shortcomings and making VR experiences more believable.

 See and control your hands in VR. Tracking built upon pre-existing Vive and Oculus hardware allows you to see, move and interact with your hands in virtual reality just as you do in real life.

Feel and interact with any object. VRgluv’s force feedback technology will physically restrict your fingers‘ motion when your virtual hands are in contact with a virtual object. Experience the difference between hard and soft with pressure sensitivity in each finger.

Explore VR in comfort & style. No hanging wires, no unnecessary weight, and an adjustable form factor to fit virtually any hand comfortably. Wearing VRgluv will put you at the frontier of virtual technology.

Hand and Finger Tracking

VRgluv uses the technology in current Vive and Oculus hardware to track the position and orientation of both your hands in 3D. Our patent pending finger tracking system determines the position of each individual finger and displays them in VR in real-time. Navigate through menus like never before, type on a virtual keyboard, and even cast spells on enemies using hand gestures… just a few new sensations you can experience with VRgluv.

Dynamic Force Feedback

force feed·back – noun. – the simulation of physical attributes, such as stiffness, in computer gaming and virtual reality, allowing the user to interact directly with virtual objects using touch.

VRgluv’s patent pending force feedback technology physically restricts hand movement when your virtual hand comes in contact with a virtual object or surface. Multiple pressure sensors give VRgluv real-time feedback about your grip strength, allowing objects to behave differently depending on their properties like hard and soft. Now, you can squeeze your favorite virtual teddy bear, crush a can of virtual soda, and feel the grip and trigger of an infinite amount of virtual weapons.


VRgluv is compatible with both Vive and Oculus. Simply outfit your favorite tracking device (Vive tracker, Vive controller, Oculus Touch) with the included VRgluv adapters and lock them in place on each VRgluv.

Compatible Content and Experiences

 VRgluv is working with talented VR developers to create new integrations for pre-existing games as well as develop completely new experiences just for VRgluv. 

Our SDK is easy-to-use and allows for drag-and-drop integrations as well as custom integrations using our API. We have built a community of developers eager to push VR forward, and we offer full support and access to developers in both Unity and Unreal Engine. 




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